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'''Arnold Kling''' (born 1954) is an American economist, scholar, and blogger known for his writings on EconLog, an economics blog, along with Bryan Caplan and David R. Henderson.[ Arnold Kling Adjunct Scholar.] Cato Institute, 2011. Retrieved 6 July 2011. Kling now has his own blog, [ askblog] which sports the motto: "taking the most charitable views of those who disagree." The "ask" in askblog apparently stands for "Arnold S. Kling." He is an Adjunct Scholar for the Cato Institute and is affiliated with the Mercatus Center. Kling graduated from Swarthmore College in 1975 and received a Ph.D. in economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked as an economist in the Federal Reserve System from 1980 to 1986. He served as a senior economist at Freddie Mac from 1986 to 1994. He started, developed and sold
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